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Undoubtedly, Youth remains the major asset of any nation hence the need to direct their youthfulness appropriately for the benefits of their nations and humanity as a whole cannot be overemphasized .

Genuine participation gives young people the power to shape both the process and the outcome, it's not a one-time event, it's a continuous process because it takes time to build a virile nation, young people want to build a stable democracies, sustainable economies and society that is based on equity and justice irrespective of their socio-economic and religious classifications.

It is crucial that we engage the young decision makers of today and  tomorrow in the development decisions of today. I hope that the Youth Participation will not only unlock the greatness of our country but it will enthrone lasting and sustainable peace and unity our nation. Peace is not an accidental outcome or a happenstance, we must work towards peace by seeing ourselves (the old & young)  as partners and equals

My struggle is for all young people especially Nigeria youth, the struggle will encourage them to organize themselves, get involved and take action in changing the political and economic landscape of this great nation.

The narrative is changeable if we don't see this struggle as that of Greenstone's  rather, "OUR STRUGGLE". I cannot do it all alone, I need your unflinching commitment.