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“As Ekiti State prepares for the 2018 gubernatorial election, many candidates across political parties are jostling for the number one public position in states. It is therefore the right of all contestants to contest as the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has clearly stated it; hence they have not gone contrary to the constitutional provisions.

However, I think it is very important for the citizens of the state at this time to adopt and apply the use the slogan “shine your eyes”. It is no news that public office in Nigeria attracts innumerous benefits; little wonder politicians are dying for it. Most of our politicians are contesting in elections not because they want to better the lives of the citizens, rather because of personal gains and influence as it is practicable in Nigeria and Africa in general.
Our dear state being the base of intellectuals across works of life has indeed suffer set back and cannot compare with other states in terms of economic and socio political wellbeing. Not only intellectually are we endowed, we are blessed as well in terms of earth resources even more than most countries across the world. As we appreciate the efforts of the our past leaders, we cannot but say they have failed in terms of using our God’s given resources to transform the socioeconomic well being of our dear state.

As we yet enter into another period of politics and politicking, it is very important to take a critical evaluation of all contestants in a bid to fetch out wolfs in the sheep clothing. As we all know that power belong to the people and not politicians, we have the right to carefully elect our leaders. Taking a critical evaluation of them will help us understand their lives and the antecedents and to know who exactly the cap fits by checking their family background, places of work, previous positions held and by examine the impacts they have made in their respective communities will help us know whether they can be trusted with public office. By so doing, we are securing a brighter future for ourselves and the generations yet to come.

Ekiti state at this time needs a visionary, accountable, tested, trusted and progressive minded individual who will turn around our state by promoting quality education, sound health care system, and infrastructural development, revive our agricultural industry and create enabling environment for investment to boost the economy of our state by depending less or not at all to Federal allocation. Of a fact, I am always of the opinion that Ekiti at this time should be second to none in Nigeria because of our intellectual and earth resources strength, though a topic for another day.

Our youths should not be deceived by any politician; we cannot afford to mortgage our future or commit it into an unsafe hand, rather we have to bring realities to table for them to see. We should not be deceived by bottles of beer of token in which they may offer us. Our lives is more precious than that.  Many of them can only see and feel what they want to gain through our commonwealth not what they can do to turn our lives around for good. Several of them shall be moving around canvassing for support and making frivolous promises as such is expected. Let not be deceived. Let us be watch full and observant as we gradually prepare for the poll.

God bless Ekiti!
God bless Nigeria!

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